1. Aflac offers Group and Individual plans.With Aflac, you have access to both Individual and Group plans, so you get the best of both worlds. Whichever path your clients decide to take, we offer a wide variety of plans for them to choose from.
  2. Aflac gives brokers a single point of contact for both sales and administration.We've created a new department of coordinators to provide one local, single point of contact for brokers. We also have a new per diem team to work directly with your clients' employees and certified case managers to ensure successful enrollments.
  3. Aflac offers improved, competitive commission structures.Aflac is rewarding you with an improved compensation package, with a broker-specific contract. We're also offering you a choice of advanced or levelized compensation.
  4. With Aflac, your clients choose how they want to enroll.With our variety of options including laptop enrollment with the help of an agent, over the phone with the Aflac call center or online from their home or office, the Aflac Wingspan Core enrollment system makes it easy - no matter which method they decide to use.
  1. Aflac is a financially stable company with a great reputation and good brand recognition.The three most important attributes - Brand Recognition, Good Reputation and Financial Strength - should be the top priorities when considering a voluntary provider. Aflac is exemplary in all three.
  2. Aflac provides a large suite of value-added services.Wingspan Services and Solutions works for your clients and their employees by educating them about benefit options, to making enrollment and administration easier.
  3. Aflac claims are processed quickly - usually within 4 days.Filing a claim with Aflac is never a 'wait and see'. Claims are usually processed within 4 days. Our forms are also easy to complete. Aflac gets your clients' employees claims processed quickly so they can focus on getting well and returning to work

Barry Flinn